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Elastic Card Holder Card Catchers (Elastic Banded) $8

These little card holders are perfect as

  • a mini wallet to carry a license, credit card and a bit of cash when you are traveling light, running, skiing, or just out on the town.
  • storage for all those cards that take up too much room in your wallet, cards you seldom use but do not want to be caught without.
  • a special way to give a gift card.  Much more fun to receive than a cardboard folder.
  • and of course, as a holder for business cards.
Tab Card Holder Card Catchers (Tab Top) $8

Card Catchers are lined and come in two styles, Elastic Banded and Tab Top. The Elastic Banded style has an elastic strap that slips easily over the flap and pocket. And with the Tab Top Card Catcher, just pull out the lower tab to insert cards and money, then simply tuck in the corners of the tab to secure the contents. Even change won’t fall out when accompanied by a stiff card like a license or credit card.

Small Purse Small Purses $30

Beautifully lined, approx. 8” x 8”, with a 48” strap to go cross shoulder. Just the right size for carrying the bare essentials, a wallet, cell phone, glasses, lip product, and of course, a card catcher and tissue case.  Fun or fancy, they go everywhere.

Blue Jeans Bag Blue Jeans Bags $30

The same size as the Small Purses, with the addition of a handy little hip pocket on the front, these purses are also lined with great fabrics.  Made from used blue jeans and vintage buttons.

Tuc Sac The Tuc Sac $30

Approximately the same size as the small purse, with a 50” strap, this design features a unique closing.  The top is a shallow upside-down pocket.  Pull the upper edge of the purse forward, out from the pocket, to open, then just pull the straps to draw the purse closed.  Some of the Tuc Sacs are lined, but some are made of fabric that is quite heavy and has a reverse that works well without a lining.

Pocket Purse The Pocket Purse $22

A small jewel of a bag, no bigger than a pocket, just right for carrying a cell phone a card catcher and a key chain. With a 50" cord, this design features the same unique opening and closing as the Tuc Sac.

Tissue Case Tissue Case $4

Holds tissues securely and attractively in your purse or car.  Fill with the travel tissue packs purchased at the drug store, or simply fold and insert a few tissues from a box before heading out the door.

Wine Bag Wine Bags $10

A very special way to give a gift of wine.  Made from luxurious fabrics, with a Tuc Sac design closure.

Lunch Bag Fun Bags $6

Instead of disposable paper lunch sacs, these fun fabric reusable bags are a great way to carry a sandwich or snack to work or school. They can also be used as a gift bag or any time a nifty little bag can come in handy. With a Tuc Sac design closure.

Christmas Fabric Gift Bags Fabric Gift Bags $3-$10

Make your holidays, and all gift giving occasions, a bit greener this year, by switching to reusable cloth gift bags.  Made of beautiful fabrics and satin ribbons, these bags will be used year after year, becoming as much a cherished tradition under your tree, as the ornaments hanging on your tree.  Purchasing rolls of wrapping paper every year that within a matter of days, or even hours, are transformed into mounds of waste to be disposed of, is a practice we can all make a thing of the past.

These gift bags are made to last for years. The fabrics have been prewashed so that if you ever wish to refresh your bags they can be tossed in the laundry. So easy to use, especially good for the ‘wrapping-challenged’, just fill with your gift and tie the ribbon!

The bags can either be given as part of the gift, or gathered back up on Christmas morning to be folded and stored and pulled out again next year. (Of course your bags may need to be sent off to the North Pole along with your letter to Santa next Christmas, or just left beside the milk and cookies by the fireplace, so that he can fill them up again!)

    The bags come in these standard sizes, and can also be special ordered in the size you need:
  • Small - 7” wide x 10” deep  (fits most standard paper back books) - $4
  • Medium -  10” wide x 13” deep  (hardcover book) - $5
  • Large -  15” wide x 18” deep  (sweater) - $6
  • X-Large -  21”wide x 22” deep - $7
  • Ho-Ho-Ho Bag -  21” wide x 28” deep - $10  (Use to hold several gifts, or get one Ho-Ho-Ho Bag for each member of the family to hold all their presents.)
  • CD/Mini Bag – 6” wide x 8” deep - $3
  • Wine Bag – 6” wide x 15” deep - $5